Basic Full Moon Ritual


Welcome everyone to this Full Moon Ritual.


Please turn off or silence your mobile phones.

I will not cast the circle and we will call the quarters. Please bear in mind that while all adults should remain within the circle once it has been cast, unless a doorway is opened for you, children and animals are free spirits and not bound by the confines of the circle. They move freely between the worlds.

Cast circle. Call the quarters.

(see other rituals for details of casting and closing a circle)

The Full Moon rising at sunset and setting at sunrise reflects the Sun’s light from its whole Earth-facing surface. The Moon is so bright that she can light the night and cast moon shadows. This is the time for celebration and outwards expression. It brings change, revelation and emotional peaks. This is the peak of psychic power and heightened energy, sometimes causing us to feel unbalances and crazy, which is where we get the word ‘lunatic’ from. This is also a time of culminations, fruition and completion. Sacred to the Mother aspect of the Moon Goddess, it brings abundance and the blending of Spirit and Matter.

In ancient times all temples were dedicated to the Mother. The Earth was seen as a womb and our relationship to the unseen part of ourselves, our inner world, was seen to be just as important as our relationship to the outer world. The Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess was seen as a bridge which linked the active manifest energy and the unknown inner world. The Mother was ‘the great provider’, bringing in fertility, harvest and community. Mother Earth, mother love, mother instinct – all these phrases reflect this link.

Insert ritual element specific to the particular moon or time of year, including the sharing of ritual food and drink.

[Optional healing element to ritual.]

Let’s all hold hands and think of anyone we wish to give healing to, be it yourself or another. Speak their name aloud and visualise them in your mind. Fill them with white and pink light for strength and healing.

[Allow time for this to be done.]

Release the quarters, open the circle as all chant ‘we are a circle within a circle, with no beginning and never ending’.