Imbolc Ritual


Cast the circle as usual.


It seems there were originally seven ‘elements’; Air, Fire, Water and Earth, plus Love, Enlightenment and Communication. So I would like two more people to help create a triangle within the circle. Communication needs both Air (thought) and Fire (creativity) to work well, so this point of the triangle will be between East and South. Love needs Fire (passion) and Water (emotion), so this point will be between South and West. The person at North will also form the top point of this triangle. North is often known as ‘up’, which is where we head in search of enlightenment. North is joined to Air (mind) and Water (heart), and helps to integrate these two elements to achieve higher spiritual levels.

Call the quarters facing outwards.

Turn inwards and call the three other elements.

Imbolc is a time of hope for the renewal of the earth. Its name means ‘ewes’ milk’, as this is when sheep are lambing and therefore beginning to give their milk again after the long winter’s incubation. It is also, therefore, the time when inner work and planned projects begin to manifest in the outer world.

Take a moment to consider what you may have been wishing for, planning or working on over the winter months, or what you would like to manifest in the near future. (Pause to allow time for people to consider this.)

In your imagination, place this idea or desire inside the shell of a seed and hold it in your heart. Ask the spirit of fire to warm it, the spirit of water to soften it, the spirit of air to guide it, and the spirit of earth to nurture it.

Watch the seed split open and send its roots down through your body, down your legs and through your feet, deep into the earth, finding the nourishment it needs to grow strong and tall. A green shoot springs out and grows up through your head and out into the light, sprouting leaves to take in the sun and create the energy to strengthen it. The plant grows into a beautiful being, nourished, nurtured and tended by all the physical elements. Grounded in the love from your heart, it becomes strong and healthy, manifesting all you need to create the changes you have imagined. Thank the elements for their help … and affirm, ‘What I have imagined, or something better, is coming to me now, under the law of grace’.

Smile as you gaze upon what you have grown, then open your eyes and smile at the person opposite you in the circle, adding your gratitude for the growth of their vision. Do the same for others in the group, as you feel drawn to. When you have finished, take a deep breath and a small step backwards, staying within the circle. Imagine the positive energy we have raised being used by Mother Earth to help those beings most in need at this time.

Give all the chance to talk about the seed(s) they have just planted, and their hopes for the coming year.

If there is anyone you would like to send healing and positive energy to, please speak their name. When all have done so: please all hold hands and imagine a ball of love, light and healing forming, filling the centre of the circle. Call into this ball of energy all the positive light you can command, filling it with the power to do whatever needs to be done to help those people we have named, who are struggling through a difficult time or need help in some way.

When the energy has built sufficiently: imagine the ball of energy rising into the air, hovering for a moment over the group, then splitting into several balls, which go speeding off to the people we have named. When it reaches them, it explodes, sending positive energy all through their energy system, providing whatever help is most needed.

Thank the three elements, thank the quarters, close the circle.