Midsummer is the time of the summer solstice, the Litha sabbat, and it’s the longest day of the year. Falling around June 21 in the northern hemisphere, and around December 21 below the equator, this is a time to celebrate the warmth and power of the sun.

You’ll need the following items:

A larger candle to represent the sun

An individual candle for each participant to hold

Cast the Circle in the usual way.

HP: “Take a moment to ground and centre, and get yourself focused. Bask in the rays of the sun, feeling its warmth on your face, and welcoming its power into you”.

HP: “Welcome to our Litha Ritual. We are here today to celebrate the power and energy of the sun. The sun is the source of warmth and light around the world. Today, at Litha, the summer solstice, we mark the longest day of the year. From Yule until this day we have been in the realm of the Oak King as days grew longer. Flowers are blooming, crops are growing, and life has returned once more. Today we honour the gods and goddesses of the sun. From now on, until Yule, we journey through the realm of the Holly King as the days begin to grow shorter again”.

The HP lights the sun candle on the altar.

HP: “The sun is the ultimate source of fire and light. Like all sources of light, the sun shines brightly and spreads heat and light around the world. However, even as it gives its light and power to each of us, it is never diminished by the sharing of that energy. The sun passes over us each day, in the never-ending circle of light and dark. Today, we share that light with each other, passing it around the circle, forming a ring of light”.

Using the sun candle, the HP lights his/her own candle, and turns to the next person in the circle. As the HP lights the next person’s candle, they say:
“May you be warmed and rejuvenated by the light of the sun”.

The second person turns to the third, lighting their candle, and passing along the blessing. Continue until the last candle in the circle has been lit, returning back to the HP.

As each person in the group holds their lit candle, the HP calls upon the gods and goddesses of the sun.

HP: “Gods & Goddesses who bring us light, we honour you!”
Hail, Ra, whose mighty chariot brings us light each morning!”
“Hail, Ra!”
Hail, Apollo, who brings us the healing energies of the sun!”
“Hail, Apollo!”
Hail, Helios, whose great steeds race the flames across the sky!”
“Hail, Helios!”
“Hail, Brigid, who brings light, inspiration, healing and knowledge!”
“Hail, Brigid!”
Hail, Aradia, who is goddess of the moon, and bringer of knowledge of The Craft!”
“Hail, Aradia!

HP: “We call upon you today, thanking you for your blessings, accepting your gifts. We draw upon your strength, your energy, your healing light, and your life giving power! Hail to you, mighty gods and goddesses of the sun!”

Each member of the group should now place their candles on the altar, surrounding the sun candle.

HP: “The sun radiates out, never dying, never fading. The light and warmth of today will stay with us, even as the days begin to grow shorter, and the nights grow cold once more. Hail, Gods and Goddesses of the sun!”

Invite everyone to take in the warmth of the sun once more.

Any other ritual business can be done now.

Close the Circle in the usual way and retire to the pub for a few beers 🙂

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