I’m Rick. I have been a member of FotM since 2007 & have been active with them ever since. I have had many years’ experience as a practising pagan.

I originally didn’t have a clue about paganism but had always known that there was ‘more’ than science could explain. I grew up in an atheist family but knew that I was not an atheist. I investigated Christianity and various other religions. None of these resonated with me and most seemed to be about a small group at the top controlling the people below them. As an adult I met a group of Wiccans and, having talked about their beliefs I realised that I was a Wiccan.

From then on I started learning more and more about ‘The Craft’ and gained a lot of experience of participating and running rituals.

Once I got involved, with the Friends of the Moon, I started to go along the the group’s moot and open rituals. I was then invited to join the ritual group (the Tribe of the Hundred Wells) and started to be more involved with the workings of the group at all levels.

Through the group I met my partner, Rhianna, and we were handfasted in 2010 by Anna & Kevin, two members of the FotM.

I am interested in Information Technology, Photography, Music, Science, Sci-Fi, Food & Good Beer! I have two daughters and two grandchildren.

I now run the group’s website (this one). I am always happy to answer questions and offer support to anyone seeking knowledge about pagan beliefs and lifestyle.