Rhianna Nodens


Merry Meet! I’m Rhianna Nodens (my chosen name), and I’ve been following a pagan spiritual path for over 10 years now. I’m truly eclectic – anything that works for me gets added to my philosophy or way of working. This includes Wicca, Druidry, Bardism, angels, faeries, crystals, herbs, trees, plants, Earth energies, flower essences, and anything else that catches my eye.

I work mainly with British deities, but also some from the Egyptian and Norse traditions, and I’m currently working through the initiations in a book on Egyptian shamanism and meeting many of the ‘neters’. This connects me to a couple of previous lives in Egypt, where I was in the priesthood. I’m also aware of at least one life as a priestess in an Atlantean healing temple, as well as many other past lives (I’m a qualified past life therapist, among many other holistic therapies). I’m also working through (when I get back to them) Christopher Penczak’s Shamanic Witchcraft book and John Matthews’ ‘Celtic Shaman’, and I’ve already worked my initial apprenticeship as a trainee bard, following the course laid out in Kevan Manwaring’s Bardic Handbook.

Because of this last, and my abiding interest in writing – fiction (short stories and novels, fantasy, crime and heart-warmers), non-fiction and poetry – for a while, I ran a small bardic group, which met monthly in my home. I have several books available on Amazon, mostly on Kindle, under my given name of Karen Tucker, one of which is a fictionalised account of many of my past life discoveries.  As Rhianna Nodens, I wrote an article in the Moon Books publication, Naming the Goddess, on an aspect of the British tutelary deity, known to me as Prydeinia.

I’m also taking a course in the Ogham, and I’m part-way through one called Tree Seer, run by Green Man Essences.

I love to learn new things, and to make connections between little gems of knowledge, or find ways in which they are relevant to my own life and experience, so I connect on a regular basis, mostly through newsletters and social media, with a wide range of pagan and spiritual teachers, as well as reading extensively, and I have an extensive library of their books. Friends who want to know about a particular pagan or ‘alternative’ topic will often contact me for a book borrowing or recommendation!

I also enjoy crafting things, and in my ‘copious’ spare time, I knit (including creating my own patterns), crochet (sometimes to my own design), make jewellery, and create hand-made cards. Occasionally, I get around to doing the odd bit of cross-stitch or tapestry, too. I also enjoy photography, especially taking my camera out in nature, and I’m one half of Light-Touch Photography (which does portraits, weddings and events) and TN4Productions (which sells nature photographs).

Like many pagans, I care deeply about the planet and all who sail in her, so I’m a bit of an armchair activist, and regularly sign petitions regarding environmental, animal or human rights and similar topics. I’m also vegetarian – partly for environmental reasons, partly for animal cruelty reasons, and partly because I totally respect the natural world and the other beings on our planet, and I don’t see why any creature should be forced to give up its life so I can have a nice steak/chop/pie etc.

I’m very friendly, approachable, helpful, and I’ve even been called wise, on occasion! I believe we’re all here on this planet to learn and grow, and anything I can do to help a fellow seeker (within reason!) is good with me.

My partner, Rick, is also a member of this group.