Samhain Ritual

Oct 31st

Welcome to our Samhain Ritual



Food and drink for sharing and offering 2 candles in holders, for the fires (make sure the holders are large enough to place the pieces of paper in to burn) Bowl of water Censer and incense (and something to light things with) Pieces of paper and pens/pencils for all (or enough to share)



Cast the circle and call the quarters.

Give peace to the quarters, starting in the East.

All: May there be peace throughout the whole Earth.


All: The Druids’ Prayer:-

Grant, Oh God and Goddess, thy Protection,

And in Protection, Strength,

And in Strength, Understanding,

And in Understanding, Knowledge,

And in Knowledge, the Knowledge of Justice,

And in the Knowledge of Justice, the Love of It,

And in the Love of It, the Love of All Existences,

And in the Love of All Existences, The love of God and Goddess.


All: Chant 3 Awens


May our circle be purified with Fire and Water.

Take round a censer of incense and bathe each participant in the smoke.

Take round a bowl of water and splash a little on each person.

Pass round the offerings of food and drink, so that each may partake, then offer some to the Goddess and God by pouring and dropping on the ground.


Thank you for attending this ritual here. You will see in front of you two fires (usually candles in holders). One is for passing on a message; the other is for asking to receive a message if you feel the need. Here at this time of year, the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. For on the sacred night, it is the custom that we communicate with our ancestors who have gone before us. So, please all close your eyes and think of those who have left this world in the last year, as well as those who have gone in years past. Think about any questions you may have for those beloved people, call their names – aloud or in your head – and let them know you still love them and miss them. Ask any question of them if you wish. Write down your question on the paper provided and place the paper on the right-hand fire. If you wish, write down the names of those you miss, and place these on the left-hand fire, together with any message you wish to give them. If anyone wishes to say anything aloud, please do so. (Allow time for all to speak their thoughts, and offer comfort to those who are distressed.)


All hold hands for the final prayer, repeated three times:-

We swear, by peace and love to stand,

Heart to heart and hand in hand.

Mark, oh spirits, and hear us now,

Confirming this, our sacred vow.


All: chant the Awen three times.


Let us give thanks to the quarters, starting in the North.

Dismiss the quarters and uncast the circle, saying, ‘may the circle be open but never broken’.

Put out the fires and give thanks to the spirit of the place.