I am Alison, Wiccan name being Nara (which came to me in a dream). At the moment I have been an active member of ‘Friends of the Moon’ since early September, so am still finding my feet and feel very much a novice within the Wiccan faith. I believe I have always had psychic abilities, since early childhood, but did not necessarily know that’s what it was.

I feel at present very drawn to the ‘Gardenarian’ practice as it’s more traditional and focused on the older religion. I am also developing an interest in divination, crystal power, the magic use of herbs (I love to make my own incense), spell work and love the different stages of the moon (including talking to the moon).

I would ultimately like to be part of a Coven, when I gain more knowledge to commit to this focused area and most importantly if I find the right group of people 😄. I also want to learn the principles of Tarot and use this to help others for the greater good. I love rituals and feel very much this is where I feel highest in vibration to help myself and others and love the closeness this brings me to the mother goddess.

Blessed be to all xxx